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August 28, 2013


Palm Bay, FL


Design, verification and printing for additive manufacturing

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LLC; Managing co-founders David and Stephanie Herndon

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The faces behind Enki Creations

About our founders

David and Stephanie Herndon are the husband-and-wife dynamic duo behind Enki Creations, LLC. David is the president and engineering mastermind, while Stephanie is in charge of marketing and finance.

David is an electrical engineer by education and trade. While attending Florida Institute of Technology for his bachelor's degree, he worked in various postions in the science and technology fields. Upon graduation he took a shine to research and development, a field in which he still works today.

Stephanie is a marketing communications junkie, absorbing all the knowledge she can as it relates to graphic design, marketing strategies, and public and customer relations. Her degree in marketing communication also came from Florida Institute of Technology.

Together, with David's technical knowledge and Stephanie's creative intuition, the pair are sure to find unique solutions for bringing our customers' ideas to reality through 3D printing.

Why "Enki?"

Enki was the mischievious Sumerian god of crafts, creation and intelligence. His symbols, the fish and the goat, were later combined into what we know today as Capricorn - co-founder David's astrological sign. The "n" in our logo is the symbol of Capricorn.

Plus, "Enki" just sounds cool.

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