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August 28, 2013


Palm Bay, FL


Design, verification and printing for additive manufacturing

Business type:

LLC; Managing co-founders David and Stephanie Herndon

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Why "Enki?"

Enki was the mischievious Sumerian god of crafts, creation and intelligence. His symbols, the fish and the goat, were later combined into what we know today as Capricorn - co-founder David's astrological sign. The "n" in our logo is the symbol of Capricorn.

Plus, "Enki" just sounds cool.

Have an idea?

If you have something you need 'brought to life' by 3D printing - whether it's a napkin doodle, a custom-fit part you can't find anywhere else, a prototype for something you're working on, or just something cool like a phone case, bracelet or sculpture - contact us and we can help make your idea a reality.