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3D Verification

Let Enki Creations help you verify your next 3D design

Do you have a current design that you are not sure it can be 3D printed or even produced by conventional means? Did you download a design from a free site, but are nervous that if you spend the money to get it created it may not turn out exactly as advertised?

We have had this problem in the past. We downloaded a design for an iPhone case that was a half-inch off in all directions. Yes, the design is free, and that is great. We like the maker community and how fast it is growing. We like the open source resources on the many different sites where you can download an already-created design and then only have to pay for the print. But how can you be sure that the design you downloaded is reputable, accurate, and when finally created is going to be everything you expect it to be? You don't, because there is no standard tool or review process for the designs on those sites.

If you are like us, you don't want to spend even a little bit of money to get something that is not going to work for your needs. This is where our verification comes in. We have the high-end design tools to double-check measurements and accuracy, and we have the knowledge to understand how the print is going to come out. Through our verification process you will have more confidence in the final product and more peace of mind when you send the design to print.

We have 10 years of experience in manufacturing, with five of those years in advanced research and development. Let us take your worries away and verify that your design is print-ready before you have it built.

We can also offer you the ability to confirm that your own designs meet specific criteria prior to your posting to a maker site and/or your own business's site.

What we offer

in 3D verification

  • Verification that an already-completed design can be 3D printed/manufactured
  • Verification of accurate dimensions (will depend on if the device dimensions are easily acquired)
  • Verification prior to placing your designs in the free market
  • Have an idea?

    If you have something you need 'brought to life' by 3D printing - whether it's a napkin doodle, a custom-fit part you can't find anywhere else, a prototype for something you're working on, or just something cool like a phone case, bracelet or sculpture - contact us and we can help make your idea a reality.